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1100 N.Redington Street

Hanford,California 93230

Phone: (559)582-4762



Pastor: Malcolm Bolduc

JOIN US Every Sunday

Celebration at 10am (Worship)

Message @ 10:20am

Closing Prayer @ 10:55am

Welcome to Central Community Church!

Central Community Church has been impacting lives in Hanford, California for over 100 years. While our community has changed dramatically in that time, we continue to express a message of life and hope that is relevant and meaningful for the 21st century world in which we live.


Unfortunately, Christians have often substituted religion in place of the challenging and practical faith that Jesus offered. Church has to be more than traditions, rituals, beliefs, or emotional experiences. At Central we are convinced that Faith is for Living. The message of Jesus Christ is not just about what happens on Sunday mornings or in a church building, but ultimately about a new way of approaching life 24/7.


If you are ready to discover what a meaningful faith is all about, but don't know where to begin, we invite you to connect with Central Community Church. As a church especially for People Who've Given Up on Church, we want to be a safe and relaxed place for people to ask questions, express doubts, and discover for themselves the way of Jesus. You will find that we are just ordinary people who experience first-hand what God is doing in and through our lives.

Who we are.


Known originally as First Church of God, Central Community Church has been an active force in Hanford for over 100 years. Records indicate that the church began in 1898 and was officially incorporated in 1926. Over these many years the congregation has ministered to hundreds, if not thousands, of individuals of all ages. We have met at our current location since 1950.

Our Affiliation

We strongly affirm that God’s church is bigger than our own congregation. For that reason, we strive to cooperate, wherever possible, with other churches because, despite differences in tradition and approach, our ultimate objectives are the same. One of the significant ways that we maintain accountability and connection is by voluntarily participating with the Church of God (Anderson, Indiana), an international movement of churches.

  • Our Ministry Plan

We take our mission and vision seriously. So much so, in fact, that we take a deliberate approach to everything we do. Churches can easily get into a rut with their activities, and engage in haphazard ministry.


At the core of our ministry plan is the belief that there are three major foci for the church. We remember them through the use of three “C” words: Christ (our relationship with God), Community (relationships with each other), and Cause (relationships with our world). True worship of God happens as we fulfill these priorities. An effective church will emphasize and balance all three aspects.


We recognize that everyone is at a different stage in their spiritual growth. While our goal is to see people discover all that God created them to be and to live as followers of Jesus Christ, the reality is that this is a life-long process. For this reason, we want to provide meaningful opportunities that everyone can take advantage of, whether you are still trying to make sense of faith or you are a fully-committed follower.

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