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1100 N.Redington Street

Hanford,California 93230

Phone: (559)582-4762



Pastor: Malcolm Bolduc

JOIN US Every Sunday

Celebration at 10am (Worship)

Message @ 10:20am

Closing Prayer @ 10:55am

Who we are.


Known originally as First Church of God, Central Community Church has been an active force in Hanford for over 100 years. Records indicate that the church began in 1898, and was officially incorporated in 1926. Over these many years the congregation has ministered to hundreds, if not thousands, of individuals of all ages. We have met at our current location since 1950.

Our Affiliation

We strongly affirm that God’s church is bigger than our own congregation. For that reason we strive to cooperate, wherever possible, with other churches because, despite differences in tradition and approach, our ultimate objectives are the same. One of the significant ways that we maintain accountability and connection is by voluntarily participating with the Church of God (Anderson, Indiana), an international movement of churches.

The Church of God places emphasis on two often neglected teachings of Scripture: Unity and Holiness.


Unity reminds us that God's church is made up of all followers of Christ, and is not limited to any one location or denomination. Therefore, we must work towards harmony and cooperation, avoiding unnecessary divisions and labels.


Holiness is about making our faith practical instead of just a matter of belief. We are called and empowered to live in God’s way so that we can make a difference within our world

Our Beliefs

The center of our faith and life is God in Jesus Christ. We believe that ultimate life is found in his teachings, death and resurrection; and that we can experience and live that reality through the presence of God’s Spirit.

Our core beliefs are those shared by most Christians.


We avoid formalizing our beliefs into a creed or into rigid theological statements, convinced instead that Scripture is the sufficient basis for discovering God’s plan. Acquiring truth requires humility, sincerity, diligence, and openness.

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